[:de]Swimming Fun is over… Ear protection… not watertight….[:]

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[:de]The expensive swimming ear protection turned out to be a flop.

I wrote about that amazing thing before in this article. Sorry it’s only in german…. And sorry, i have to correct myself 🙂



What are the facts: the Adjusted swim protection which we customized at World of Hearing in Hua Hin a few months ago,  is already leaking . It has been found that this material, used by the “expert” probably got some shrinkage. As a result, the water is entering the ear , what we really wanted to avoid, especially with a sensitive ear .

So due to this fact, the swimming fun from me and my wife is now limmited again….

I’m sorry to say this at this point, but the recommendation for this product from World of Hearing i have to take back .

It is useless for us, so the money we spent is lost.






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